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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
6F9671SDSoftware Update Detail Table
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
9F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
10F41021LIItem Location File

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F76AUI46WFCERG A/R -Work File - ARG - 03B - 76A
3F4211SDSales Order Detail File
4F4101IMItem Master
5F0101ABAddress Book Master
6F0911GLAccount Ledger
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
10F4111ILItem Ledger File

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
3F0101ABAddress Book Master
4F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
5F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
6F4211SDSales Order Detail File
7F42119SDSales Order History File
8F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
9F0902GBAccount Balances
10F4801WAWork Order Master File

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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP00: Foundation Environment
1F00022Unique Key File - Next Available Unique Key2UKUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
2F00023Distributed Next Number Table13DNUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
3F00092Supplemental Data9T3UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
4F0030Bank Transit Number Master File25AYUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP01: Address Book
5F0118Postal Code Address1A7UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP03B: Enhanced Accounts Receivable
6F03B20A/R Notification History1ZRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
7F03B21A/R Notification History Detail1ZSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
8F03B22A/R Fee Journal History1RSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
9F03B23A/R Fee Journal History Detail1RTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
10F03B31Customer Activity Log5ZGUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
11F03B920Credit Reporting Tape - TRW2ZCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
12F03B920CCreate Credit Reporting Tape - Creditel2ZDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP04: Accounts Payable
13F0450Payee Control File1PCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
14F04514WFK Record Workfile2KRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP05: Time Accounting and HRM Base
15F05108Unconfirmed Training Additional1UTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
16F05400Self-Service Process Flow Settings4PFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
17F0709Deduction/Benefit/Accrual Ledger File8Y$UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP05T: Time Entry
18F06904Automatic Accounting Instructions21Y#UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP07: Payroll
19F0719DBA Transaction Detail History8Y$UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
20F0724Burden Distribution File2YSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
21F07241Burden Distribution File2YSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
22F07400New Hire Detail File - Common Format3NHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
23F07436New Hire Detail File - Ohio2NHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
24F07439New Hire Detail File - Pennsylvania2NHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
25F07490Payroll - Accounts Payable Detail (One World)24JRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
26F07491Payroll - Accounts Payable Summary File23J6UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
27F07492Payroll - Accounts Payable Control File11JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
28F078303Arizona SUI magnetic media table (03)2YFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
29F078305California SUI Magnetic Media Table (05)2YWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
30F078306Colorado SUI magnetic media table (06)2YFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
31F078310Florida SUI magnetic media table (10)2YFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
32F078311Georgia SUI magnetic media table (11)2YFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
33F078312Hawaii SUI magnetic media table (12)2YFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
34F078329Nevada SUI Magnetic Media Table (29)1YFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
35F078344Texas SUI Magnetic Media Table(44)2YWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
36F078345Utah SUI magnetic media table (45)2YFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
37F078348Washington SUI Magnetic Media Table (48)2YWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
38F078601Table for storing W2 Mag Media Information2RFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
39F078602State Mag Media Table2RSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
40F0786031099 Mag Media4R9UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
41F078651W2 MMREF Federal Build2RMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
42F078652W-2C MMREF Federal Build4RFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
43F07869W-2 MMREF State Build2RMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
44F07881SUI Magnetic Media Flat File - Generic1YFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
45F07991Deduction - Benefit - Accrual History Conversion Data3YXUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
46F07992Payroll Tax History Conversion Data2YQUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP07S: Payroll SUI
47F07415New Hire Detail File - Indiana3NHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
48F07440New Hire Detail File - Rhode Island2NHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP08: Human Resources
49F05401Self-Service Process Flow Director Text4DTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
50F0800602Job Competency Master3JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
51F0800603Job Group Competencies5JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
52F0800604Organizational Business Unit Competencies5JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
53F0800605Job Type/Step Competencies6JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
54F0800606Competency Options - Overrides2JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
55F0800607Organizational Competencies5JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
56F0800610Competencies in Structure and Job7JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
57F0800611Job Competency Default - Overrides2JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
58F0800612User Defined Job Competency Description Reference1JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
59F08006WFJob Competency Default Overrides Work File2JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
60F089921Rules Detail1DTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
61F08JDWF1Job Description Changes Integration Work File10JCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP08A: eRecruit
62F08471Job Posting Competencies6PCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
63F08992Qualifying Event Rules Header8QEUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP09: General Accounting
64F09UI007Match Bank Tape to Recon File - ONE WORLD ONLY9GLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP13: Plant/Equipment Management
65F1207Maintenance Schedule File45FWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
66F12071Equipment PM Schedule (Model)38FZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
67F1207PMaintenance Schedule Purge Table45FWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
68F12121Equipment Templates1ETUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
69F12122Equipment Template Listing1ELUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
70F13017Equipment Parts List2PLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
71F4829Work Order Delivery Information2DLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP13C: Condition-Base Maintenance
72F1310Condition-Based Alerts1CAUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
73F1310Z1Unedited Condition-Based Alerts14CBUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP15L: Adv Real Estate Forecasting
74F15L101AREF Unit Master98UMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP16: Profit Management (EPS)
75F1609Cost Management Constants1CCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP17: Customer Service Management
76F1775Claim Temporary Table25TCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
77F3111Z2Warranty Claim/Supplier Recovery processing73WPUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
78F31171Parts List - Extension1WSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
79F31171SPurge Parts List - Extension1WSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP17C: Call Management
80F1731Installed Base Location History1LQUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
81F17311Installed Base Location Details1LDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
82F48163Knowledge Base Tree Definition2KTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
83F48164Knowledge Base Detail1KBUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
84F48165Call/Order Knowledge Base5KXUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP30: Product Data Management
85F300210Lean Multi Level Bill of Material Header1EHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
86F300211Lean Multi Level Bill of Material Detail1EDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
87F300311Lean Multi Level Routing Detail File1EHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP31: Shop Floor Control
88F3111Work Order Parts List70WMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
89F3111SPurge - Shop Floor Parts List70WMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
90F3111STPurge - Shop Floor Parts List Tag Table1WMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
91F3111TShop Floor Control Parts List Tag Table1WMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
92F3111Z1Outbound Work Order Parts List73SZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
93F31122Work Order Time Transactions37WTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
94F31122SPurge Work Order Time Transactions37WTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
95F31122STPurge Work Order Time Transactions Tag Table1WTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
96F31122TWork Order Time Transactions Tag Table1WTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
97F31122Z1Work Order Time Transactions Unedited Transaction Table46SZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
98F31UI006Line Scheduling Workbench - Work File44LSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP31B: Blend Management
99F31B03EBarrel Inquiry Work File1BEUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
100F31B100Bill Of Lading Composition Details2BCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
101F31B120Vessel Inquiry Work File3HIUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
102F31B33DCDependency Chain Cache Structure3DTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
103F31B33WRelated TB Report Workfile5RWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
104F31B341Style Invisible By Winery1SWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
105F31B371Geographic Area Relationship1GRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
106F31B50Blend ID Definition1BDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
107F31B86Inventory By Vessel WorkFile4IVUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
108F31B87List of Operations View Work File1LOUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
109F31B88Inventory By Vessel Workfile4IVUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
110F31B96Bill Of Lading Details2BDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
111F31B97Human Resource Assignments1HRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP31P: Engineer To Order
112F31P12Task Dependencies2TDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP32: Configuration Management
113F3293Assembly Inclusions Rules44KYUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP33: Capacity Planning
114F3303Capacity Resource Profile13CTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
115F3311Capacity Message File16CNUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
116F3312Capacity Pegging12CWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
117F33UI001Shop Floor Control Routing Instructions26WLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP34: Requirements Planning
118F3411MPS/MRP/DRP Message File1MMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
119F3412MPS/MRP/DRP Lower Level Requirements File14MWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP37: Quality Management
120F3701Test Definitions Master File57QAUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
121F3702Specifications Definitions Master File20QSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
122F37021Specifications Detail File15QDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
123F3711Test Results83TRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
124F3711Z1Test Results Unedited Transaction Table96SZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
125F37900Certificate of Analysis (COA) Extract100TRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
126F40318Preference Profile - Quality Management62QCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP38: Agreement Management
127F38111Agreements Transaction Ledger63DZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP39: Advanced Stock Valuation
128F39062Valuation Layers Table10STUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
129F39120Temporary Period Build File for Stock Valuation26TFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
130F39120WPeriod Detail Work File20TWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
131F39121WAdditional Quantity Work File13AQUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
132F39122Company and Unique Key ID From Extracted F41112SVUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP40: Inventory/OP Base
133F3015Component Locator File12CQUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
134F30UI001Component Locators Work File33WFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
135F30UI002Bill of Material Structure Analysis Work File12IXUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
136F30UI004Bill of Material Update Work File37WFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
137F30UI006Lot Tracking Work File21ILUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
138F3462Forecast Shipment Summary13MBUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
139F40300RPreference Resolution History - Master1PMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
140F40301RPreference Resolution Ledger - Payment Terms1PTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
141F40302RPreference Resolution Ledger - Pricing Unit Of Measure1PUUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
142F40303RPreference Resolution Ledger - Revenue Business Unit1RVUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
143F40304RPreference Resolution Ledger - End Use1PEUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
144F40305RPreference Resolution Ledger - Print Messages1RMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
145F40308RPreference Resolution Ledger - Grade and Potency1GSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
146F40309RPreference Resolution Ledger - Delivery Date1DYUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
147F40310RPreference Resolution Ledger - Line Of Business1LBUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
148F40311RPreference Resolution Ledger - User Defined Price Code #11P1UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
149F40312RPreference Resolution Ledger - User Defined Price Code #21P2UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
150F40313RPreference Resolution Ledger - User Defined Price Code #31P3UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
151F40314RPreference Resolution Ledger - Price Adjustment Schedule1PJUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
152F40315RPreference Resolution Ledger - Invoice Cycle1PIUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
153F40316RPreference Resolution Ledger - Order Preparation Days1OPUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
154F40318RPreference Resolution Ledger - Quality Management1QCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
155F40320RPreference Resolution Ledger - Multi ShiP/Rec Locations1LPUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
156F40338RPreference Resolution Ledger - Payment Terms (Branch)1PTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
157F40341RPreference Resolution Ledger - Next Order Status1NSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
158F40344RPreference Resolution Ledger - Sales Commission1SAUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
159F40345RPreference Resolution Ledger - Customer Currency1CRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
160F40347RPreference Resolution Ledger - Pricing UOM (Branch)1RIUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
161F40349RPreference Resolution Ledger - Revenue Bus Unit (Branch)1RVUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
162F4080Related Order Cross Reference Table18ROUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
163F4171Critical Hold Management1I1UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP40R: Demand Scheduling
164F40R10Demand Header1DHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
165F40R11Demand Detail1DDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
166F40R14Demand Addresses1DAUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
167F40R141Demand Contact Names1DNUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
168F40R142Demand Contact Phone1DCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
169F40R41Demand History1DIUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP41: Inventory Management
170F4101HItem Hierarchy (Web)2IHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
171F4101HDItem Hierarchy - Alternate Description2IHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
172F41021WFF41021 Transaction Workfile3LWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
173F41051Average Cost Work file10CHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
174F4111Item Ledger File44ILUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
175F41113Lot Ledger1I8UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
176F41131Stranded Hard Commitments Table1IUUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
177F41181Container Transaction File52CMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
178F41185Container Reconciliation File9CTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP41B: Bulk Stock Management
179F41511Bulk Product Transaction File96PAUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP42: Sales Management
180F4211Sales Order Detail File253SDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
181F42119Sales Order History File253SDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
182F42199S.O. Detail Ledger File253SLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
183F42UI11SO Detail Cache File (MBF)184ZDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP42B: Sales Order Entry
184F4211CZ1Sales Order Detail Unedited Transaction File - CRM21CZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
185F42420Audit Log Transaction113ALUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
186F47012TEDI Purchase Order Detail Tag - Inbound68UZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
187F47132TEDI Purchase Order Change Detail Tag - Inbound68UZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP43: Procurement
188F4305Log Master1PLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
189F43080Approvals Fields Constants194PDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
190F4311Purchase Order Detail File211PDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
191F4311ZPurchase Order Generator File197PWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
192F4311Z1Purchase Order Detail Unedited Transaction Table228SZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
193F43121Purchase Order Receiver File130PRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
194F43121ZReceiver workfile145PWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
195F43121Z1Receipts Unedited Transaction Table175SZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
196F43199P.O. Detail Ledger File - Flexible Version209OLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
197F4333WFPurchase Order Dispatch Work File1POUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP43C: Contracts
198F43C20Contract Payee5CPUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
199F43C60Contract Clauses4CCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP43Q: Strategic Sourcing
200F43Q90Sourcing Constants1SCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP43S: Supplier Self Service
201F43001Procurement Self-Service Transaction Log2SAUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
202F4313POFLIP1PFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
203F4323PO FLIP Header1PDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP44H: Homebuilder Management
204F44H73W1Lot Start - P.O. / Committment Generation Work File84CGUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP45: Advanced Pricing
205F4510Price Workbench Query Header1PWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
206F4574Key Reference Table1KRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP46: Warehouse Management
207F4600Warehouse Requests88R1UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
208F4600PUWarehouse Requests - Purged85R1UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
209F4611Warehouse Suggestions148R2UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
210F4611PUWarehouse Suggestions - Purged147R2UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
211F4611Z1Unedited Suggestion Table160SZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
212F4615Carton Recommendations1CRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
213F4620Carton Detail Information1CDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
214F46200Bulk Pick Requests13BRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
215F46200PUBulk Pick Requests - Purged13BRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
216F46UI15Carton Recommendations - Work File1RCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP46L: License Plating
217F46L12License Plate Commitment1LCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
218F46L20LP Cross-Reference1LCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
219F46L99License Plate History1LMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
220F46LUI01Assign/Remove Items To LP Work File1WFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
221F46LUI03Assign/Remove Child LP Work File1WFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP47: Electronic Commerce
222F47077EDI Receiving Advice Detail - Outbound235SZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP48: Work Order Processing
223F4817Service Order Extension58SRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP48S: Service Billing
224F48096Billing Rate / Mark up Table32WQUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
225F48127Tax Derivation Information13WOUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
226F4861Component Table Detail13AFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
227F48S82Burden Base Rules1BRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
228F48S910Billing Detail Journal File81W2UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
229F48S911Compressed Journal File43W3UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
230F48S912G/L Link File30W6UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
231F48S95Billing AAI Information27WVUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP49: Transportation Management
232F47500WFInbound Transaction Processor Workfile4SZUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
233F49110Transportation Bill of Lading Workfile82BWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
234F4945Shipment Charges30SCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
235F49631Load In-transit Ledger76TOUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
236F4972Rate Detail18RXUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
237F4981Freight Audit History62FHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP52: Contract Billing
238F5280WContract Revenue Summary Work File42GYUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP55: Reserved for Clients
239F74Q0165WF do R74Q01651WFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
240F74Q0175WF dla R74Q01751WFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
241F74W300A/R Fee Journal History Detail Tag File - 74W1RUUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP74: EMEA Localization
242F00918Year-end IVA Tape Creation - Italy1BBUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
243F7400C2Obsolete - R7400C2 Work File1DPUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
244F74030HDutch-Payments Bank Information37NLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
245F7430050Print Batch Header - COMM - 03B1BHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
246F7430051Print Batch Detail - COMM - 03B1BDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP74B: Begium Localization
247F7403B11Belgium - Work File Yearly Vat Declaration Data11QAUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
248F74GH20TBelgium VAT Flat File2DKUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP74D: Germany - Reporting System Only
249F0018IGEIntrastats File - Germany - Exports2QWUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
250F0018IGIIntrastats File - Germany - Imports2XYUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP74P: Poland
251F74P3B23A/R Fee Journal History Detail for Poland - POL - 03B1HDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP74S: Spain
252F74S502Stamps (Timbres) Fee Detail1SDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
253F74S505Stamps (Timbres) Fee Header1SHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP74Y: Italy - Reporting System Only
254F74Y0030Bank Transit Number Tag File - ITA - 04 - 74Y1BTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP75C: China - Reporting System Only
255F75C01Z2GUI Jinsui return flat file - China2FFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
256F75C04Z1China A/P tax interface file to JinSui3CTUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
257F75C09Z1GUI cancel printing invoice-Jinsui - China3FFUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP75J: Japan - Reporting System Only
258F75010ABank ID Table Upload - Japan1BUUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP76A: Argentina
259F76A4111Item Ledger Tag File - ARG - 76A1ILUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP76B: Brazil - Reporting System Only
260F7603BZ1Bank Data - Remessa - Brazil2BSUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
261F7603BZ2Bank Data - Retorno - Brazil2BRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
262F7611BNota Fiscal Detail - Brazil5FDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
263F761BAAS Fiscal file book111FBUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
264F76B006IN86-Work Table for Business Unit - 091BBUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
265F76B011Nota Fiscal Taxes Detail - Brazil - 425TDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
266F76B400AIN86-Work Table for Storage Control - 411SCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
267F76B400BIN86-Work Table for Inventory Records - 411IRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
268F76B400FIN86-Work Table for Transaction Nature - 421TNUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
269F76B400GIN86-Work Table for Item Number and Service Code - 411ISUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
270F76B8602IN86-Work Table for Suppliers and Customers - 041PRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
271F76B901IN86- Work Table for Account Master - 091BAUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
272F76B902IN86-Work Table for Account Balance - 091BCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
273F76B911IN86-Work Table for Journal Entries - 091BDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP76H: Chile
274F76H6002Indirect Costs Selection EPS F1602 - CHI - 41 - 76H4I1UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
275F76H6003Indirect Costs Selection EPS F1642 - CHI - 41 - 76H4I2UKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
276F76H611Actual Item Ledger File - CHI - 41 - 76H45ALUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP89: Conversion Programs
277F43199ATemp F43199 for ERP 9.0 Upgrade186OLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
278F4620TCarton Detail Information - Tag File1CDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP90CA: CRM Foundation
279F90CA000CRM_Constants Table1COUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
280F90CA180Territory Alignment Table1TAUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
281F90CA18BIndustry Grouping Alignment Table1IGUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
282F90CA18CSales Team Alignment Table15STUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
283F90CA23AWizard Process Flow Settings2WPUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP90CB: CRM Sales Force Automation
284F90CB01DLead_Item_Hierarchy Table3LIUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
285F90CB02IOpportunity_Item Table53OIUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
286F90CB05CSales_Cycle_Notification_Ledger Table2NLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
287F90CB06COpportunity_Item_For_Forecast Table56OHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOP90CC: CRM Marketing Automation
288F90CC040Campaign table5CMUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOPD3N: dcLINK (data collection) - DSI
289FD3N4116dcLINK Interface - Inventory Reclassification40IRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
TOPF31: Lean Transactions
290FF31010Production Master File1EHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
291FF31011TransactionID Master File1EHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
292FF31011SPurge - TransactionID Master File1ERUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
293FF31111Lean Transaction Parts List1PLUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
294FF311114Related Purchase Orders for Lean Pay on Consumption Issues1PCUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
295FF31111SPurge - Lean Transaction Parts List1PRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
296FF31112Routing Transaction Table1EHUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
297FF31112SPurge - Routing Transaction Table1ETUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
298FF31113Lean Transaction Labor Detail1LDUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
299FF31113SPurge - Lean Transaction Labor Detail1LRUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150
300F90730Unique Sequence File - Next Available Unique Sequence2USUKIDUnique Key ID (Internal)NumericGeneric Edit150