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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F9671SDSoftware Update Detail Table
6F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
9F41021LIItem Location File
10F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F76AUI46WFCERG A/R -Work File - ARG - 03B - 76A
3F4211SDSales Order Detail File
4F4101IMItem Master
5F0101ABAddress Book Master
6F0911GLAccount Ledger
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
10F4111ILItem Ledger File

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
4F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
5F4211SDSales Order Detail File
6F42119SDSales Order History File
7F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
8F0902GBAccount Balances
9F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
10F4801WAWork Order Master File
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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP00: Foundation Environment
1F0911Account Ledger32GLUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
2F4303Log Master18PKUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
3F4303MLog Models16PMUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP03: Accounts Receivable
4F0311Accounts Receivable Ledger98RPUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP03B: Enhanced Accounts Receivable
5F03B11Customer Ledger96RPUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
6F03B11PCustomer Ledger Purge File96RPUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
7F03B11Z1Invoice Transactions - Batch File112VJUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
8F03B11Z2F03B11 Interoperability Table109SYUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
9F03B29Credit Insurance Table11IPUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
10F03B575Auto Debit Invoice Select and Build105RDUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP04: Accounts Payable
11F0411Accounts Payable Ledger76RPUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
12F0411AWF - As Of - Accounts Payable Ledger76RPUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
13F0411PPurge - Accounts Payable Ledger76RPUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
14F0411Z1Voucher Transactions - Batch File94VLUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
15F0411Z3F0411 Interoperability Table99SZUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP05T: Time Entry
16F063951Payroll Journal (Compressed) File20GLUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP07: Payroll
17F05290WF - Payroll Journal (Detail)20JRUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP08: Human Resources
18F08711Employee Setup Tasks7ETUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP09: General Accounting
19F0911PPurge - Account Ledger32GLUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
20F0911RWF - Acct Ledger File for Reconciliation29GLUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
21F0911Z1Journal Entry Transactions - Batch File49VNUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
22F0911Z4F0911 Interoperability Table54SZUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
23F0912Cost Allocations/Flex Budgeting32RJUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
24F0912AIndex Computation Entry File28RIUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
25F09UI015Indexed Computations Multi-Tiered Entries32GLUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP12: Fixed Assets
26F12911ERPost G/L to FA Exceptions Work File10GLUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP15: Property Management
27F1540Sales Report Control File19NRUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
28F1540BSales Report Control File28NRUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP17: Customer Service Management
29F1721Contract Detail65CDUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP31: Shop Floor Control
30F31UI802Accumulate Amounts by Account12WGUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
31F31UI803Work File for Summarizing Journal Entries12SGUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP31B: Blend Management
32F31B31CBlend Lot Costs4BCUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
33F31B66Blend Transactions9BTUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP42: Sales Management
34F42800G1Sales Update G Batch Detail Workfile22DGUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP43: Procurement
35F4305Log Master26PLUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
36F4314ZVoucher Match Selection File76PNUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP44H: Homebuilder Management
37F44H590Closing Worksheet Accounting Instructions16CIUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
38F44H591Closing Worksheet Entries19CWUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
39F44H73W2Lot Start - Budget Generation Workfile8BGUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP47: Electronic Commerce
40F47057EDI Payment Order Remittance Advice - Outbound87D3UUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
41F47057WEDI Payment Order Remittance Advice - Work87D3UUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP48S: Service Billing
42F4812Billing Detail Workfile54WDUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
43F4812HBilling Workfile - History54WDUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
44F4812HSBilling Workfile History Purged Save54WDUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
45F4822Invoice Summary Work File37W4UUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
46F4823Voucher Summary33W0UUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
47F48520Invoice Summary Access22AEUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
48F48S910Billing Detail Journal File32W2UUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
49F48S911Compressed Journal File27W3UUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
50F48S912G/L Link File16W6UUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
51F48SUI01Billing Detail Print Workfile54WDUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOP52: Contract Billing
52F5202Contract Billing Line Detail28G6UUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
TOPF31: Lean Transactions
53FF31113Lean Transaction Labor Detail51LDUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152
54FF31113SPurge - Lean Transaction Labor Detail51LRUUnitsNumericGeneric Edit152