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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
6F9671SDSoftware Update Detail Table
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
9F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
10F41021LIItem Location File

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F76AUI46WFCERG A/R -Work File - ARG - 03B - 76A
3F4211SDSales Order Detail File
4F4101IMItem Master
5F0101ABAddress Book Master
6F0911GLAccount Ledger
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
10F4111ILItem Ledger File

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
3F0101ABAddress Book Master
4F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
5F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
6F4211SDSales Order Detail File
7F42119SDSales Order History File
8F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
9F0902GBAccount Balances
10F4801WAWork Order Master File

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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP40: Inventory/OP Base
1F4011ZBatch Receiver File - Order Details62SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
2F4012ZWWF - Destination Quantity10SPNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
3F4013ZKit Components Batch File21KSNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
4F40203Order Activity Rules7FSNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
5F40341Preference Profile - Next Order Status17NSNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
6F40341RPreference Resolution Ledger - Next Order Status19NSNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
7F4211Z1Sales Order Detail Unedited Transaction File59SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
TOP42: Sales Management
8F4211Sales Order Detail File46SDNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
9F42119Sales Order History File46SDNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
10F42199S.O. Detail Ledger File46SLNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
11F42UI11SO Detail Cache File (MBF)45ZDNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
12F42UI521Pick Slips Detail File42S9NXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
13F42UI800Sales Detail Work File - Sales Update28SDNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
TOP42B: Sales Order Entry
14F42420Audit Log Transaction28ALNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
TOP43: Procurement
15F43080Approvals Fields Constants55PDNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
16F43092Z1Receipt Routing Unedited Transaction Table51SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
17F4311Purchase Order Detail File47PDNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
18F4311ZPurchase Order Generator File51PWNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
19F4311Z1Purchase Order Detail Unedited Transaction Table60SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
20F43121Purchase Order Receiver File24PRNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
21F43121ZReceiver workfile85PWNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
22F43121Z1Receipts Unedited Transaction Table41SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
23F4314ZVoucher Match Selection File123PNNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
24F43199P.O. Detail Ledger File - Flexible Version47OLNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
25F43632ZOpen Purchase Order by Item Work File26OINXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
TOP43S: Supplier Self Service
26F43001Procurement Self-Service Transaction Log22SANXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
TOP44H: Homebuilder Management
27F44H001HomeBuilder Constants17HCNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
28F44H0011HomeBuilder Constants Lot Start Documents6LDNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
29F44H611Bid Details39BDNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
30F44H611WBid Details Work File43BWNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
31F44H73W1Lot Start - P.O. / Committment Generation Work File41CGNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
TOP46: Warehouse Management
32F46200Bulk Pick Requests18BRNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
33F46200PUBulk Pick Requests - Purged18BRNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
TOP47: Electronic Commerce
34F47012EDI Purchase Order Detail - Inbound63SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
35F47017EDI Purchase Order Detail - Outbound61SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
36F47022EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Detail - Inbound61SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
37F47027EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Detail - Outbound63SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
38F47037EDI Shipping Notice Detail - Outbound63SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
39F470371EDI Shipping Notice Detail - Outbound71SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
40F47047EDI Invoice Detail (Sales) - Outbound63SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
41F47072EDI Receiving Advice Detail - Inbound62SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
42F47077EDI Receiving Advice Detail - Outbound62SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
43F47092EDI Request for Quote Detail - Inbound63SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
44F47097EDI Request for Quote Detail - Outbound61SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
45F47102EDI Response to RFQ Detail - Inbound61SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
46F47107EDI Response to RFQ Detail - Outbound63SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
47F47132EDI Purchase Order Change Detail - Inbound64SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
48F47137EDI Purchase Order Change Detail - Outbound62SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
49F47142EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Detail - Inbound63SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
50F47147EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Detail - Outbound65SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
51F47157EDI Shipping Schedule Detail - Outbound65SZNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
TOP76B: Brazil - Reporting System Only
52F7611BNota Fiscal Detail - Brazil100FDNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
53F761BAAS Fiscal file book79FBNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30
TOP89: Conversion Programs
54F43199ATemp F43199 for ERP 9.0 Upgrade47OLNXTRStatus Code - NextStringUDC30

User Defined Codes are, by design, customisable and thus will differ from system to system depending on the business requirements.

TOPUDC 40 / AT (Activity/Status Codes) stock values

ValueDescriptionSpecial Handling CodeHard Coded
1          Blank Activity/Status 40/ATN
2       1  Purchasing Activities---------N
3       100Enter Purchase RequisitionN
4       110Approved/MRP RequisitionN
5       120Print Purchase RequisitionN
6       130Generate PO from RequisitionN
7       140Enter Request for Bid/QuoteN
8       160Print Request for Bid/QuoteN
9       161Send EDI Request for QuoteN
10       180Enter Supplier BidN
11       200Print Bid/Quote ConfirmationN
12       210Enter Blanket Purchase OrderN
13       212Blanket Order PrintN
14       215Release Blanket OrderN
15       216Order Outside PurchasingN
16       220Enter Purchase OrderN
17       225Rejected OrderN
18       230Approval Process #1N
19       240Print Purchase Order ProofN
20       250Approve Shipment/LoadN
21       260Approve Purchase Order ProofN
22       280Print Purchase OrderN
23       281Send EDI Purchase OrderN
24       282Receive EDI P O AcknowledgmentN
25       300Record Supplier AcknowledgmentN
26       320Enter Change OrderN
27       325Order Revised by AcknowledgeN
28       340Approve Change OrderN
29       360Print Change OrderN
30       361Send EDI Purchase Order ChangeN
31       362Receive EDI PO Change Ack.N
32       370Record Supp. Ship/Frt UpdateN
33       380Print Purchase ReceiverN
34       381Application/CertificateN
35       400Record Purchase ReceiptN
36       410Back OrderedN
37       420Release from InspectionN
38       425Freight, Insurance & ExpensesN
39       430Close Nota FiscalN
40       440Record Matching VoucherN
41       499Canceled LineN
42       5  Selling Activities------------N
43       500Enter Quote/Blanket OrderY
44       515Release Quote/Blanket to OrderY
45       520Enter Sales OrderN
46       521Send EDI Order AcknowledgmentN
47       522Correct EDI OrderY
48       523Send EDI PO Change Ack.N
49       525Trip MaintenanceN
50       527Approve Shipment/LoadN
51       530Print Control PickslipN
52       535In Warehouse ManagementN
53       537Print Control PickY
54       540Print PickslipsN
55       542Print Loading NoteN
56       545Picking ConfirmationN
57       550Print Shipping DocumentsN
58       555Pack ConfirmationN
59       559Waiting Purchase Order ReceiptY
60       560Shipment ConfirmationN
61       561Send EDI Response to RFQN
62       563Print Packing List/InvoiceY
63       564Delivery Document SelectionN
64       565Print Delivery DocumentsN
65       570Bill of LadingN
66       571Send EDI Advanced Ship NoticeN
67       572Receive EDI Receiving AdviceN
68       573Delivery ConfirmN
69       575Billable FreightN
70       576Payable FreightN
71       577Print Shipment NoteN
72       578Cycle BillingN
73       579EDI Receiving Advice - RejectN
74       580Print InvoicesN
75       581Send EDI InvoiceN
76       585Print Interbranch InvoiceN
77       590Print Pre-Invoice ProofN
78       595Generate Nota FiscalN
79       597Freight, Insurance & ExpensesN
80       598Print Nota FiscalN
81       600Invoice JournalN
82       610Print G/L Sales Recap-DetailN
83       615Print G/L Sales Recap-SummaryN
84       617Generate Tax LinesN
85       625End of Month RepricingN
86       800Direct Ship AcknowledgementN
87       810Print Sales InvoiceN
88       831Invoice ErrorN
89       832Shipment Note ErrorN
90       900Backorder in S/O EntryN
91       902Backorder in CommitmentsN
92       904Backorder in Ship. Conf.N
93       909Backorder in TransportationN
94       910Added in Price AdjustmentsN
95       912Added in CommitmentsN
96       913Added in Pick ConfirmationN
97       914Added in Ship. Conf.N
98       915Added as Replacement ItemN
99       916Added as Subst/Associated ItemN
100       917Added as Promotional ItemY
101       919Added in TransportationN
102       920Added in Order RepricingN
103       922Added in Work Order GenerationN
104       924Added In Freight UpdteY
105       980Canceled in Order EntryN
106       982Canceled in CommitmentsN
107       983Canceled in Pick ConfirmationN
108       984Canceled in Ship. Conf.N
109       985Canceled by ReplacementN
110       986Canceled by SubstitutionN
111       987Canceled by Price Recalc.N
112       988Canceled in UpdateN
113       989Canceled in TransportationN
114       990Cancelled by Promotional ItemY
115       995Unapproved LoadY
116       996Cancelled Nota FiscalY
117       997Cancelled Nota Fiscal after ruY
118       998Reversed Nota FiscalN
119       999Complete - Ready to PurgeN