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920: Top 10 requests

1F4211SDSales Order Detail File
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4101IMItem Master
4F0911GLAccount Ledger
5F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
6F9671SDSoftware Update Detail Table
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
9F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
10F41021LIItem Location File

910: Top 10 requests

1F0011WICF0011W - WF - Batch To Detail
2F76AUI46WFCERG A/R -Work File - ARG - 03B - 76A
3F4211SDSales Order Detail File
4F4101IMItem Master
5F0101ABAddress Book Master
6F0911GLAccount Ledger
7F4102IBItem Branch File
8F03B11RPCustomer Ledger
9F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
10F4111ILItem Ledger File

812: Top 10 requests

1F0911GLAccount Ledger
2F0101ABAddress Book Master
3F4311PDPurchase Order Detail File
4F0411RPAccounts Payable Ledger
5F0006MCBusiness Unit Master
6F4211SDSales Order Detail File
7F42119SDSales Order History File
8F0902GBAccount Balances
9F03012AICustomer Master by Line of Business
10F4801WAWork Order Master File

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TableTable DescriptionColumn#PrefixAliasColumn DescriptionData TypeEdit TypeLengthDecimals
TOP00: Foundation Environment
1F0018Taxes5TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
2F00189WF - Tax Reconciliation5TGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
3F0029Sales Tax Work File by Taxing Authority and Document13TFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
4F004201Prepayment Transaction Table2PTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
5F0046Processing Log6PLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
6F0047Data Export Control2DEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
7F0911Account Ledger84GLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
8F4096Sales Flex Accounting7FADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP02: Electronic Mail
9F0113Message Log Ledger File23ZZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP03: Accounts Receivable
10F0311Accounts Receivable Ledger82RPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
11F0312A/R Batch Cash Application43RUDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP03B: Enhanced Accounts Receivable
12F03B11Customer Ledger78RPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
13F03B11PCustomer Ledger Purge File78RPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
14F03B11Z1Batch Invoices94VJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
15F03B11Z2F03B11 Interoperability Table91SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
16F03B14Receipts Detail127RZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
17F03B14PReceipts Detail Purge File127RZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
18F03B14Z2F03B14 Interoperability Table138SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
19F03B575Auto Debit Invoice Select and Build87RDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP04: Accounts Payable
20F0411Z1TVoucher Transactions Batch Upload - Voucher Match Automation6VTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
21F09UI006Tax (F0018) Replica5TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP07: Payroll
22F0716701Employee Assignment T/E Template Information46EADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
23F0716709Employee Assignment T/E Template Info History46EADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP09: General Accounting
24F0911PPurge - Account Ledger84GLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
25F0911Z1Journal Entry Transactions - Batch File101VNDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
26F0911Z4F0911 Interoperability Table106SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
27F0917Bank Statement Detail32GDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
28F09UI015Indexed Computations Multi-Tiered Entries84GLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
29F48S82Burden Base Rules8BRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP12: Fixed Assets
30F1217Equipment Master Extension6WRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
31F1217PEquipment Master Extension Purge Table6WRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
32F1217Z1Unedited Equipment Tag Transactions19WRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
33F1217Z2Unedited Equipment Tag Transactions19WRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP13: Plant/Equipment Management
34F13411PM Projections13RXDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
35F1393Maintenance Rules24GODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP13R: Resource Assignments
36F48311Resource Assignments3RADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
37F48311SPurge - Resource Assignments3RADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP15: Property Management
38F1501Tenant/Lease Master2NEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
39F15012Tenant E.P. Class Master2NSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
40F15012BTenant E.P. Class Master3NSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
41F15013Sales Overage Master2NODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
42F15013BSales Overage Master File16NODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
43F15014Product Scales Master2NPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
44F15014BProduct Scales Master11NPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
45F15015Minimum rent/recoveries Master2NQDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
46F15015BMin/Max Rents And Recoveries Master8NQDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
47F1501BLease Master Header6NEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
48F1511Tenant/Lease Billings Detail6NJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
49F1511BLease Billings Master6NJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
50F1511HTenant/Lease Billings Detail History6N#DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
51F1511HBLease Billings History6NCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
52F1533Tenant Class Account Exclusions2NMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
53F1533BTenant Account Exclusions3NMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
54F1540Sales Report Control File2NRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
55F1540BSales Report Control19NRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP17: Customer Service Management
56F17113Assessor Defaults14ADDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
57F1720Contract Header2CHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
58F1721Contract Detail2CDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
59F1775Claim Temporary Table28TCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
60F1793S/WM Line Type Constants7LFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
61F1794Billing/Amort Control Master2NKDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
62F3111Z2Warranty Claim/Supplier Recovery processing15WPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
63F3112Z2Warranty Claim/Supplier Recovery processing15WLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
64F4801Z2Warranty Claim/Supplier Recovery processing14WSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
65F48164Failure Analysis Detail6KBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
66F48165Maintenance Request/Work Order Failure Analysis2KXDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP17C: Call Management
67F1713ECOs Applied to Equipment3EEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
68F1731Equipment Master Location History9LQDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
69F1751Case Status RulesTable1GSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
70F1755Case Master5ZADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
71F1757Task Master2ZADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
72F1759Case Required Fields2CLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
73F1760Time Entry5ZBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP30: Product Data Management
74F3016Kanban Master7KMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP31: Shop Floor Control
75F3102Production Cost2IGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
76F3102SPurge - Production Cost2IGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
77F31091Schedule Quantity Detail7IQDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
78F31091SSchedule Quantity Detail Purge7IQDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
79F3111Work Order Parts List2WMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
80F3111SPurge - Shop Floor Parts List2WMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
81F3111Z1Outbound Work Order Parts List15SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
82F3112Work Order Routing2WLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
83F31122Work Order Time Transactions3WTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
84F31122SPurge Work Order Time Transactions3WTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
85F31122Z1Work Order Time Transactions Unedited Transaction Table16SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
86F3112SPurge Shop Floor Control Routing Instructions2WLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
87F3112Z1Outbound Work Order Routings15SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
88F3115Net Change Transaction table3NCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
89F3118Shortage Maintenance Master File4WNDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
90F31UI006Line Scheduling Workbench - Work File6LSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
91F31UI427Labor Variance User Index7W1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
92F31UI804Exception Report Work FIle9WRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
93F4802SPurge Work Order Instructions2WBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP31B: Blend Management
94F31B85Weigh Tag Master29WTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP31P: Engineer To Order
95F31P01Project Attributes7PADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
96F31P10Project Quote Header4PQDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
97F31P11Project Quote Detail4QPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
98F31PUI01Scheduling Error Report6SEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP32: Configuration Management
99F3201Configurator Master Table4CMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
100F32019Configurator Master History Table4CHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
101F3295Needed for upgrade from Xe and below7KSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
102F32GOPConfigurator GOP2GPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP33: Capacity Planning
103F3312Capacity Pegging11CWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
104F33UI001Shop Floor Control Routing Instructions6WLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP34: Requirements Planning
105F34004Demand/Supply Inclusion Rules2MGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
106F3411MPS/MRP/DRP Message File10MMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
107F3412MPS/MRP/DRP Lower Level Requirements File9MWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
108F3430Vendor Schedule Quantity File5MVDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
109F3435Vendor Schedule Commitment File4MCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
110F3440Vendor Schedule History File4MHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
111F3450Adhoc Vendor Schedule File15MADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
112F3460Forecast File12MFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
113F4321Supplier Schedule Master File3PBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
114F43213SRS Ship Dates3VPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
115F4321TSupplier Schedule Master Tag File - Used for Upgrade from Xe3PBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP34A: Advanced Planning & Scheduling
116F34A10APS Integration Constants44N0DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
117F34A60Last Outbound Purchase Order/Transfer Order12OBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP36: Forecasting
118F3460Z1Forecast Unedited Transactions25FTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP37: Quality Management
119F3703Non-Conforming Material12QEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
120F3711Test Results2TRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
121F3711Z1Test Results Unedited Transaction Table15SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
122F37900Certificate of Analysis (COA) Extract2TRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP38: Agreement Management
123F38111Agreements Transaction Ledger19DZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
124F38112Agreements Committed Quantities2DXDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP39: Advanced Stock Valuation
125F39120Temporary Period Build File for Stock Valuation17TFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
126F39120WPeriod Detail Work File13TWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP40: Inventory/OP Base
127F3013ECO Parts List Detail2CYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
128F4001ZBatch Receiver File - Order Headings26SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
129F4001Z50Batch Receiver File - Order Headings Commissions2HCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
130F40051Return Material Authorization19RDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
131F4006Order Address Information2OADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
132F4011ZBatch Receiver File - Order Details16SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
133F4011Z60Batch Receiver File - Order Details Commissions2DCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
134F4017Print Message Report Defaults4TVDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
135F40203Order Activity Rules1FSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
136F40205Line Type Control Constants File24LFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
137F40300RPreference Resolution History - Master4PMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
138F40320Preference Profile - Multi Shipping/Receiving Locations19LPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
139F40320RPreference Resolution Ledger - Multi ShiP/Rec Locations20LPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
140F40330Preference Profile - Document Set16DGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
141F40341Preference Profile - Next Order Status14NSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
142F40341RPreference Resolution Ledger - Next Order Status16NSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
143F40741Preference Adjustment History2PHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
144F4080Related Order Cross Reference Table6RODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
145F4095Distribution/Manufacturing - AAI Values3MLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
146F40UI00TTax Work File3PNDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
147F40UI17Allocation Work File5ZGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
148F40UI74Price Adjustment History Work File8AWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
149F40UI801Generic Error Table5ZBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
150F4108Lot Master11IODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
151F4201Z1Sales Order Header Unedited Transaction File16SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
152F4209Held Orders7HODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
153F4211AUSales Order Detail Audit File2AUDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
154F4211DTSales Order Detail Date Tracking File2DTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
155F4211Z1Sales Order Detail Unedited Transaction File16SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
156F4220Basic Serial Numbers14SWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
157F4231RT Event Filter Details3EFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
158F4314Sales Order/Purchasing Text Detail Lines3JMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
159F43800Summary Voucher Match3PRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
160F49211Sales Order Detail File - Tag File2UDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
161F49211Z1Sales Order Detail Tag Unedited Transaction File15S1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
162F49219Sales Order Detail - Tag History File2UDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP40G: Grower Management
163F40G03Grower Harvest114GHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
164F40G95Pay On Proceeds Log File9PPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP40R: Demand Scheduling
165F40R30WFDemand Work File11DSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
166F47UI002ASN Extract Packaging Work File26SPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP41: Inventory Management
167F41081Allowed Lot Status3LSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
168F4111Item Ledger File29ILDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
169F41181Container Transaction File9CMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
170F41291ZLanded Cost Cache Table4IGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
171F41UI001Inventory Transactions Detail File40ITDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
172F41UI002Inventory Transactions Batch File21TIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP41B: Bulk Stock Management
173F41509Four-Point Analysis Maintenance File2PGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
174F415091Four-Point Temperature Maintenance3PGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
175F41511Bulk Product Transaction File6PADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
176F41512Gain/Loss Transactions File10PTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP41F: Apparel Management
177F41F2019Sales Order Header Style Items Tag History File2APDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
178F41F201TSales Order Header Style Items Tag File2APDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
179F41F301TPurchase Order Header Style Items Tag File2APDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
180FCW20Matrix Work File19WXDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
181FCW21Work File Confirm Shipments5WKDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
182FCW22Lot Master Work File11WLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
183FCW25Enter Work Order Work File5WODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
184FCW31Proposal Order Line Details5LVDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
185FCW44Proposal Order Details4FPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
186FCW45Matrix Purchase Order Other Location5OLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
187FCW64WO Receipts Matrix Entry Work File22WXDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
188FCW65Work Order Header for Style Items2OFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
189FCW67Style Work Order Parts List8WMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
190FCW68Style Work Order Routings3WLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
191FCW71Supplier Price/Catalog File - Detail22CBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
192FCW89Work Order Inventory Issues for Style Items4WMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
193FCW91Work File for RCW023C9DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
194FCW96Material Analysis4WODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
195FCW97Grouping Messages3GMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP42: Sales Management
196F4020Freight/Additional Charges Rate Information6ARDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
197F4074Price Adjustment Ledger File2ALDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
198F40UI16Preference Print Message Work File4DSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
199F42004Commission Constants File8CMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
200F42005Sales Commission File11SCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
201F4201Sales Order Header File3SHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
202F42019Sales Order Header History File3SHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
203F420UI55Kit Balance Work File4UIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
204F4211Sales Order Detail File3SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
205F42119Sales Order History File3SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
206F42150Sales Order Header Commission Information2SHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
207F4216SO Pack Confirm Detail2XDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
208F42160Sales Order Detail Commission Information2SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
209F42160ATemp Table Sales Order Commission information2SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
210F42199S.O. Detail Ledger File3SLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
211F4229Sales Summary History File1SSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
212F42565Invoice Print File7IWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
213F42800G1Sales Update G Batch Detail Workfile35DGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
214F4290Delivery Note History7SEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
215F42UI005Sales Commission File11SCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
216F42UI01SO Header Cache File (MBF)8ZHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
217F42UI11SO Detail Cache File (MBF)7ZDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
218F42UI12Sales Order Detail Cache 2 (MBF)6ZDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
219F42UI520Pick Slips Header File3S8DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
220F42UI521Pick Slips Detail File4S9DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
221F42UI800Sales Detail Work File - Sales Update5SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
222F47027TTag for F47027 - EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Detail - Outbound4UZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
223F470371TTag for F470371- EDI shipping Notice Detail - Outbound14UZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
224F47047TTag for F47047- EDI Invoice Detail (Sales) - Outbound4UZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
225F47107TTag for F47107- EDI Response to RFQ Detail - Outbound4UZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
226F47147TTag F47147 - EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Detail-Outbound4UZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP42B: Sales Order Entry
227F4011ZTBatch Receiver File - Order Details Tag17UZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
228F42019TXSales Order Header History Tax Table3STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
229F4201TXSales Order Header Tax Table3STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
230F4201URF4201 CRM User Reserved Tag File3SHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
231F42119TXSales Order Detail History Tax Table3DTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
232F4211CZ1Sales Order Detail Unedited Transaction File - CRM11CZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
233F4211TXSales Order Detail Tax Table3DTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
234F4211URF4211 CRM User Reserved Tag File2URDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
235F4211URZF4211Z1 CRM User Reserved Tag File11URDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
236F42150Z1Header Commission Unedited Transaction File11S2DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
237F42160Z1Detail Commission Unedited Transaction File11S3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
238F42180Sales Order to External System Opportunity Xref5XRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
239F42199TXSO Detail Ledger Tax Table3DTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
240F42216WFPending Blanket Release Work File - F42216WF3PBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
241F42420Audit Log Transaction3ALDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
242F42420TXTax Audit Log Transaction3TADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
243F47012TEDI Purchase Order Detail Tag - Inbound17UZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
244F47092TEDI Request for Quote Detail Tag - Inbound17UZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
245F47132TEDI Purchase Order Change Detail Tag - Inbound17UZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
246F49299S.O. Detail Tag Ledger File2UDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP42W: Fulfillment Management
247F4277701Service Level Rule Header3RHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
248F4277709Service Level Rule Header History3HHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
249F4277711Service Level Rule Detail3RDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
250F4277719Service Level Rule Detail History3HDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
251F427UI01Release Fulfillment Work File5RFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
252F427UI02Load Balance Auto Fulfillment Work File4ZXDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP43: Procurement
253F4095TEMF4095 Temporary Table3MLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
254F41061Supplier Price/Catalog File11CBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
255F43008Approval Levels1APDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
256F4301Purchase Order Header3PHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
257F4301ZPO Header Work File7PADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
258F4301Z1Purchase Order Header Unedited Transaction Table16SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
259F4303Log Master2PKDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
260F4305Log Master4PLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
261F43080Approvals Fields Constants1PDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
262F43092Purchase Order Receipt Routing File3PXDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
263F43092ZReceipt Routing Work File7PVDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
264F43092Z1Receipt Routing Unedited Transaction Table16SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
265F43099Receipt Routing Ledger File3PODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
266F4310XCM Purchase Order Cross Reference3CMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
267F4311Purchase Order Detail File3PDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
268F4311TPurchase Order Detail Tag File3PDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
269F4311ZPurchase Order Generator File7PWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
270F4311Z1Purchase Order Detail Unedited Transaction Table16SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
271F43121Purchase Order Receiver File5PRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
272F43121TPurchase Order Receiver Tag File4PRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
273F43121TBPurchase Order Receiver Tag Table4PRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
274F43121ZReceiver workfile3PWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
275F43121Z1Receipts Unedited Transaction Table22SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
276F43147Freight Distribution Workfile7FDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
277F4314ZVoucher Match Selection File104PNDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
278F4316Purchase Order Multiple Account File3P3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
279F4316TPurchase Order Multiple Account Tag File3P3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
280F4317Purchase Order Detail Non-Billable3PDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
281F4318Approval/Rejection Reasons3PYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
282F43199P.O. Detail Ledger File - Flexible Version3OLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
283F4330Supplier Selection File3P0DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
284F4331Quantity Breaks File2P1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
285F4332Multiple Requisition File3P2DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
286F4333WFPurchase Order Dispatch Work File3PODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
287F4343Purchase Rebate History6RHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
288F43632ZOpen Purchase Order by Item Work File6OIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
289F43UI50CPO Print Clauses Table4WCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
290F43UI50DPO Print Detail Work File4PWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
291F43UI50HPO Print Header Work File3PADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
292F74U0141ACM - Application / Certificate Master3ACDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
293F74U0142ACM - Application / Certificate Status History3DHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP43A: Purchase Order Receipt/Routing
294F43126Purchase Order Receiver Multiple Account4P4DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
295F43126TPurchase Order Receiver Multiple Account Tag File4P4DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
296F43127Purchase Order Receiver Non-Billable4PRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP43B: Voucher Match and Landed Cost
297F43146TVoucher Match Multiple Account Tag File3P5DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP43E: Requisition Self Service
298F43E01Requisition Order Header3RHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
299F43E09F43E09 - Approvals Activity Table4AADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
300F43E11Requisition Detail3RDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
301F43E121eRequisition Receiver file3ERDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
302F43E16Requisition Multiple Account File3P3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP43Q: Strategic Sourcing
303F43Q10Event Header2EHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
304F43Q11Event Detail2EDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
305F43Q15Event Currencies2ECDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
306F43Q20Event Header Bid Questions2EHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
307F43Q201Event Header Bid Question List2EHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
308F43Q21Event Detail Bid Questions2EDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
309F43Q211Event Detail Bid Question List2EDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
310F43Q212Event Detail Bid Question Price Component2PCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
311F43Q213Event Detail Price Break2PBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
312F43Q30Event Invited Bidders2EVDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
313F43Q40Response Header2RADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
314F43Q401Response Header Question2RCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
315F43Q402Response Header Question List2RDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
316F43Q403Bidder Response Decline2RIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
317F43Q404Response Disallow2RJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
318F43Q405Response Disallow Line2RKDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
319F43Q41Response Line2RBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
320F43Q411Response Detail Question2REDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
321F43Q412Response Detail Question Price Break2RGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
322F43Q413Response Detail Question Price Components2RHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
323F43Q414Response Detail Question List2RLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
324F43Q50Analyze Event Header2AVDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
325F43Q51Analyze Event Detail2EDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
326F43Q92Adhoc Item Definition8AIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP43S: Supplier Self Service
327F43001Procurement Self-Service Transaction Log8SADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
328F4313POFLIP3PFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP44H: Homebuilder Management
329F4454Vendor Assignment (World)5JGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
330F4455Vendor Assignment (Takeoffs) (World)7JHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
331F44H001HomeBuilder Constants15HCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
332F44H0011HomeBuilder Constants Lot Start Documents3LDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
333F44H601Bid Header3BHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
334F44H604Vendor Assignment12VADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
335F44H604WVendor Assignment Workfile14VWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
336F44H604ZHB Vendor Assignment Unedited Transaction File25SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
337F44H611Bid Details3BDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
338F44H611WBid Details Work File4BWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
339F44H711Lot Start Workfile27SWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
340F44H711ZHB Lot Start Unedited Transaction File39SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
341F44H71W1Lot Start Generation Workfile27GWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
342F44H73W1Lot Start - P.O. / Committment Generation Work File12CGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP45: Advanced Pricing
343F4079Rebate Transaction Detail10SVDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
344F40UI84Orders Affected by Price Change (Work-file)3XRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
345F45520Price List Header2PHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
346F45520TXPrice List Header Tax Table2PTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
347F45521Price List Detail2PDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
348F45521TXPrice List Detail Tax Table2LTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
349F45522Price List Level-Break Pattern2PLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
350F45523Price List Columns Group Pattern2PCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
351F45524Price List Item Selection2PIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
352F4573Free Goods Reference File2RFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
353F4574Key Reference Table55KRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
354F4575Ship and Debit History3AHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
355F4575TMPShip and Debit History - Temp Table3AHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
356F4576Ship and Debit Claims2ACDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
357F4576TMPShip and Debit Claims- Temp Table2ACDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
358F4576Z1Ship and Debit Claims Unedited Transaction Table15Z1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP46: Warehouse Management
359F4600Warehouse Requests7R1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
360F4600PUWarehouse Requests - Purged7R1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
361F4602Location Detail Information79IFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
362F46092Order Groups3OZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
363F4611Warehouse Suggestions13R2DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
364F4611PUWarehouse Suggestions - Purged13R2DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
365F4611Z1Unedited Suggestion Table26SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
366F46130Putaway Reservations3R3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
367F46130PUPutaway Reservations - Purged3R3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
368F4620Carton Detail Information8CDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
369F46200Bulk Pick Requests10BRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
370F46200PUBulk Pick Requests - Purged10BRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
371F4942Z1Work File for F494215SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP46L: License Plating
372F46L12License Plate Commitment3LCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
373F46L99License Plate History12LMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
374F46LUI01Assign/Remove Items To LP Work File26WFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP47: Electronic Commerce
375F47003EDI Discrepancy Report Work File11SXDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
376F47006EDI Order Header - Outbound Tax Table18STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
377F47007EDI Order Detail - Outbound Tax Table18DTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
378F47011EDI Purchase Order Header - Inbound21SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
379F4701150EDI Purchase Order Header Commission Inbound2PHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
380F47011TXEDI Purchase Order Header Tax - Inbound17STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
381F47012EDI Purchase Order Detail - Inbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
382F4701260EDI Purchase Order Detail Commission Inbound2PDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
383F47012TXEDI Purchase Order Detail Tax - Inbound17DTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
384F47016EDI Purchase Order Header - Outbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
385F470161EDI Purchase Order Additional Header - Outbound11S3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
386F47017EDI Purchase Order Detail - Outbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
387F470171EDI Purchase Order Additional Detail - Outbound11S4DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
388F47021EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Header - Inbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
389F47022EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Detail - Inbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
390F47026EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Header - Outbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
391F47027EDI P.O. Acknowledgment Detail - Outbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
392F47031EDI Shipping Notice Header - Inbound19SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
393F47032EDI Shipping Notice Detail - Inbound20SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
394F47037EDI Shipping Notice Detail - Outbound20SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
395F470371EDI Shipping Notice Detail - Outbound20SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
396F470371XEDI Shipping Notice Detail Tax - Outbound22DTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
397F47041EDI Invoice Header - Inbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
398F47042EDI Invoice Detail - Inbound19SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
399F47044EDI Invoice Summary - Inbound18SWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
400F47046EDI Invoice Header (Sales) - Outbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
401F470461EDI Invoice Additional Header - Outbound13S3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
402F47047EDI Invoice Detail (Sales) - Outbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
403F470471EDI Invoice Additional Detail - Outbound13S4DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
404F4706EDI Order Address Information11ZADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
405F47061EDI Planning Schedule Header - Inbound25MJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
406F47066EDI Planning Schedule Header - Outbound25MJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
407F47071EDI Receiving Advice Header - Inbound19SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
408F47072EDI Receiving Advice Detail - Inbound18SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
409F47076EDI Receiving Advice Header - Outbound19SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
410F47077EDI Receiving Advice Detail - Outbound18SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
411F47091EDI Request for Quote Header - Inbound21SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
412F4709150EDI Request for Quote Header Commission - Inbound2QHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
413F47091TXEDI Request for Quote Header Tax - Inbound17STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
414F47092EDI Request for Quote Detail - Inbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
415F4709260EDI Request for Quote Detail Commission - Inbound2QDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
416F47096EDI Request for Quote Header - Outbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
417F47097EDI Request for Quote Detail - Outbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
418F47098EDI RFQ Detail Quantity - Outbound9SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
419F47101EDI Response to RFQ Header - Inbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
420F47102EDI Response to RFQ Detail - Inbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
421F47103EDI Response to RFQ Detail Quantity - Inbound9SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
422F47106EDI Response to RFQ Header - Outbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
423F471061EDI Response to RFQ Additional Header - Outbound13S3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
424F47107EDI Response to RFQ Detail - Outbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
425F471071EDI Response to RFQ Additional Detail - Outbound13S4DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
426F47114EDI Lockbox/Payment Detail - Payment26Z4DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
427F47122EDI Product Activity Data Detail - Inbound57MJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
428F47127EDI Product Activity Data Detail - Outbound57MJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
429F47131EDI Purchase Order Change Header - Inbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
430F4713150EDI Purchase Order Change Header Commission - Inbound2CHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
431F47131TXEDI Purchase Order Change Header Tax - Inbound17STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
432F47132EDI Purchase Order Change Detail - Inbound18SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
433F4713260EDI Purchase Order Change Detail Commission - Inbound2PDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
434F47132TXEDI Purchase Order Change Detail Tax - Inbound17DTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
435F47136EDI Purchase Order Change Header - Outbound18SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
436F47137EDI Purchase Order Change Detail - Outbound18SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
437F4714EDI Order Text Lines - Header12ZTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
438F47141EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Header - Inbound19SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
439F47142EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Detail - Inbound19SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
440F47146EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Header - Outbound19SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
441F47147EDI P.O. Change Acknowledgment Detail - Outbound19SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
442F4715EDI Order Text Lines - Detail12ZDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
443F47156EDI Shipping Schedule Header - Outbound19SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
444F47157EDI Shipping Schedule Detail - Outbound17SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
445F47UI001ASN Extract Work File26SZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP48: Work Order Processing
446F4801Work Order Master File1WADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
447F4801SPurge - Work Order Master file1WADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
448F4801Z1Outbound Work Order Header14SYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
449F4802Work Order Instructions File2WBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
450F4802HWork Order Instructions File Header2WCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
451F4808Order Routing Approval Master2CADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
452F4826W.O. Status Action Table1GEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
453F4827Work Order Approval Routing1W5DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
454F48710Work Order Mass Update Template Table35WTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
455F48UI001X4801 Master Business Function Workfile4WADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP48S: Service Billing
456F4812Billing Detail Workfile59WDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
457F4812HBilling Workfile History59WDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
458F4812HSBilling Workfile History Purged Save59WDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
459F4822Invoice Summary Work File2W4DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
460F48229Delete Invoices Audit Table6W8DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
461F4823Voucher Summary2W0DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
462F48520Invoice Summary Access7AEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
463F48S58Invoice Print Version Cross Reference Table9F7DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
464F48SUI01Billing Detail Print Workfile59WDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP49: Transportation Management
465F47092TXEDI Request for Quote Detail Tax - Inbound17DTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
466F49110Transportation Bill of Lading Workfile36BWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
467F49111Carton Detail Shipment Workfile8CDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
468F49141Packing List Workfile26PWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
469F4942Shipment Detail4ISDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
470F4944Shipment/Load Options and Equipment6OEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
471F4945Shipment Charges26SCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
472F49490Document Selection12TQDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
473F49594Document Print - Document Detail7DIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
474F49621Load Compartment Detail4TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
475F49631Load In-transit Ledger24TODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
476F49634Load In-Transit Confirmed Quantities Detail3QDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
477F49696Document Register Detail14DJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
478F4981Freight Audit History39FHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
479F49T211Sales Order Detail File - Secondary Tag Table2TPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
480F49T219Sales Order Detail File - Secondary Tag History Table2TPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
481F49T311Purchase Order Detail - OTM2TPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP52: Contract Billing
482F5201Contract Master2G4DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
483F5202Contract Billing Line Detail2G6DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
484F52034Contract Header Log Text2G9DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
485F5212T and M - Unit Price and Lumpsum Cross Reference Accounts2G5DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
486F5213Fee Billing Line Cross Reference Details2G3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
487F5214Component Code/Burden Cross Reference Table2A4DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
488F5215Component/Burden Billing Line Cross Reference Details2A5DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
489F5216Milestone/Progress Billing Information2A6DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
490F52161Mileston/Progress Billing Line Cross Reference Details2A7DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
491F5217Revenue Billing Line Cross Reference2A7DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
492F5280Contract Revenue Summary2GWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
493F5280WContract Revenue Summary Work File2GYDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP52G: Government Contracting
494F4822HInvoice Summary History2IHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
495F52G01MProject and Government Contract Modifications2CMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
496F52G05ACRN Detail Table2ADDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
497F52G05HACRN History Table2AHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
498F52G20Contract Specific Labor Categories2LCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
499F52G200Project and Government Contract Limit Summary2LSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
500F52G21Contract Specific Labor Category Cross Reference2LRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
501F52G90Invoice Printing Work Table32WTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP53: Change Management
502F5302F5302 World Specs35DKDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
503F5311Change Request Details Table130DKDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
504F5311Z1Change Request Details Table Workfile135DKDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
505F5314Planned Change Order Master Table30D2DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
506F5315Change Order Master Table29D3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP55: Reserved for Clients
507F74H1009Intrastat - Small Transaction Work Table4ISDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
508F74H1051Invoicing Workfile - New5IWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
509F74H1054Invoiced Order Lines - Work4IODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
510F74H1055Invoicing Selection Work Table3ISDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
511F74H1058Invoice Lines - SO Details5IODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
512F74P0710Credit Order History2PLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP70: Multi-National Products - obsolete-do not reuse
513F700018Generic VAT - Informed Taxes by Report - COMM - 703TEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
514F702018Taxes by Sales Order Line - COMM - 422TADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP73: M & D complementary products
515F7307Quantum Non-Stock Product Categories1VXDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP74: EMEA Localization
516F0018TIntrastat Revision3TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
517F7400007Business Unit / Doc Type Next Number - COMM - 002BDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
518F740018Intrastat Revision Additional - CZE - 742AIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
519F740018DData extraction ESL - 742DEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
520F740018OOriginal Transaction Detail for Data Extraction2OTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
521F740018TTag File F0018 - EMEA - 742TFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
522F740018WData extraction ESL - Workfile - 742DEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
523F74093Worktable for Printing IVA Summary - Italy5HCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
524F7420011Sales Order / Legal Document Relationship - COMM - 422SLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
525F7420015Invoices Related to Sales Order - COMM - 422SRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
526F7420018Taxes by Sales Order Line - COMM - 422STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
527F7430032Legal Document Detail (Print Info) - COMM - 03B7PIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
528F74R201VAT Accrual on Sales Method Setup - RUS - 421VMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP74S: Spain
529F74S340V.A.T. Declaration Mark File - ESP - 001MFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP74U: United Kingdom Localizations
530F74U0121CIS PO Transaction Tag File - UK - 043MPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
531F74U0405SPC Certificate Holding Table - UK - 432CHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
532F74U0408SPC Lower Level Retention - UK - 432LRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
533F74U0409SPC Lower Level MCD - UK - 432LMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
534F74U0412Application Commitment Workfile - UK - 432ACDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
535F74U0414Certificate Commitment Workfile - UK - 432CCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
536F74U0416Purchase Order Commitment Workfile - UK - 432PCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
537F74U0420SPC - Application Master - UK - 435SEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
538F74U0421Application Approval Invoice Overrides3IODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
539F74U0422SPC Application/Certificate Cross Reference File - UK - 433ACDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
540F74U0424SPC Subcontractor Payment Liability - UK - 432PLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
541F74U0425SPC - Certificate Master - UK - 435SFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
542F74U0431SPC ATR Late Letter Generation - UK - 432LLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
543F74U420ASPC Application Amount Drill Down - UK - 433PADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
544F74U421ASPC Application Approval History - UK - 432AHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
545F74U424ASPC Subcontractor Accrual Data - UK - 432PLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
546F74U424WSPC Subcontractor Accrual Workfile - UK - 432WFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
547F74U4311EPM - Purchase Order Tag File - 74U3PTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
548F74U4312SPC - Purchase Order Additional Information - UK - 433SCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
549F74U4314SPC - Purchase Order Retention - UK - 433SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
550F74U4316SPC - Purchase Order Line Additional Information - UK - 433SCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
551F74U4318SPC - Purchase Order Line Retention - UK - 433SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
552F74U4319SPC Cumulative Labour Material Split - UK - 433CSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
553F74U4321Requisition Template Answers - UK - 433RADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP74Y: Italy - Reporting System Only
554F74Y018Intrastat Additional Info for Services - ITA - 002IADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
555F74Y021Italy Intrastat Declarations - Detail Sections - ITA - 003IDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
556F74Y022Italy Intrastat Decl - Adjustment Section - ITA - 003IADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
557F74Y023Italy Intrastat Decl - Modifications - ITA - 003IMDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
558F74Y215Invoices Related to Sales Order - ITA - 422RODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP74Z: Czech Republic
559F74ZUI02Czech VAT Report - CZE - 74Z - Work File10CZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP75C: China - Reporting System Only
560F0018CNChina - Transmitted vouchers to JinSui - 042CTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
561F75C001Chinese GUI cross reference file8CRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
562F75C010WAP & AR XML Workfile - China -75C25AADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
563F75C4203Chinese VAT on Free Goods Cross Reference - China - 422FCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP75I: India
564F75I008Purchase Order Receiver Tag File - IND - 434PODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
565F75I017Sales Order Tag File IND 423SODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
566F75I100QTDS Form 26Q - WorkFile (Quarterly)8EFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
567F75I100WTDS Form 26 - WorkFile8EFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
568F75I2213Setoff Temp Table7TTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
569F75I2241WorkFile for VAT/CST Receivables5VCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
570F75I2242VAT- Deferred Amounts for the Purchase cycle3DADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
571F75I301Excise - Setup Master5Q1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
572F75I309Personal Consumption - CENVAT setoff - IND - 4114CSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
573F75I312Excise - Consignment/ Adjustment Detail File - ItemWise7Q1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
574F75I312YExcise-Consignment/Adjustment Detail -Item wise7Q1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
575F75I314YExcise - RG23A - II Item Wise Transaction File14Q1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
576F75I316YExcise - PLA Item Wise Transaction File13Q2DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
577F75I318YExcise - RG23C - II Item Wise Transaction File13Q3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
578F75I319YExcise - Consolidated Excise Duty Payment16Q1DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
579F75I320YExcise - Payment Details8QBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
580F75I322Excise - Work File for F04211 & F41013Q3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
581F75I322EExcise - Work File for F04211 & F4101(Based on F75I322)3Q3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
582F75I323Purchase Order Receiver AR3 Information - IND - 434RADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
583F75I324Work File for ARE1 ARE3 IND 429Q3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
584F75I344Excise - ARE1 Bond Register9QBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
585F75I344YPrint ARE-1Bond Register-IND-0011CDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
586F75I345Excise - ARE3 Form Header Details-IND-0011QRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
587F75I345XExcise - ARE-3 Form Header for Yarn9QRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
588F75I346Excise - D3-Form Table3Q9DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
589F75I354Excise ARE3 Tag file for Form Header IND 428QWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
590F75I3571Consignment - Work Orders5CWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
591F75I3572Consignment - Stock Transfers5CSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
592F75I3573Consignment - Order Items6CODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
593F75I3574Consignment - Issues/Receipts Transactions6CTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
594F75I3575Consignment - Work Order Part List Items - Balances2CPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
595F75I3576Stock Transfer - Work Orders2SWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
596F75I380Excise - RG-1 - Transaction File - IND15RGDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
597F75I385RG23D Register - Issues - IND - 423EDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
598F75I3901Work With Consignment - IND -435CODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
599F75I401Sales Form Information-IND-423QADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
600F75I401CSales Form Information- Secondary5QADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
601F75I402Purchase Tax Form Details3PTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
602F75I402TPurchase Tax Form Details -Secondary3PTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
603F75I403Stock Transfer Details3ABDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
604F75I403TTemp Data for F75i4033ABDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
605F75I4074Price Adj Ledger Tag File - 03B2ALDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
606F75I409Personal Consumption - VAT setoff - IND - 418VSDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
607F75I4210Sales Form Tracking - Secondary1FTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
608F75I4213Setoff Report Data -IND -0023SODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
609F75I4223Sales Tax Summary/Detail2SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
610F75I4231Purchase Tax Summary / Details15PTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
611F75I601TCS Register Details-IND-425TRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
612F75I701Bill of Entry - Header7QHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
613F75I731Service Tax A/R File - IND - 03B8STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
614F75I735Order Detail by Service Category Code - IND - 75I3STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
615F75I741Service Tax A/P File - IND - 0410STDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP75T: Taiwan
616F75T004GUI/VAT Transaction Header - 75T75THDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
617F75T0049GUI/VAT Transaction Header History - 75T75THDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
618F75T004PGUI/VAT Transaction Header POS - 75T72THDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
619F75T004ZGUI/VAT Transaction Header - Work - 75T67ZHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
620F75T005GUI/VAT Transaction Detail - 75T43TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
621F75T0059GUI/VAT Transaction Detail History - 75T43TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
622F75T005PGUI/VAT Transaction Detail POS - 75T42TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
623F75T005TGUI/VAT Transaction Detail Temp - 75T43TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
624F75T005ZGUI/VAT Transaction Detail - Work - 75T49ZDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
625F75T42WWork file with union of F4211 and F421193SWDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP76A: Argentina
626F76A0209Header & Footer Invoice/ShipmentNote History WF - ARG - 76A39HFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
627F76A020PHeader/Footer Inv./ShipmentNote History WF Purge - AR - 76A39HFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
628F76A0219Detail Lines Invoice/ShipmentNote History WF - ARG - - 76A45DLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
629F76A021PDetail Lines Inv./ShipmentNote History WF Purge - ARG - 76A45DLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
630F76A09Invoice Total - ARG - 03B - 76A8TTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
631F76A09PInvoice Total Purge - ARG - 03B - 76A8TTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
632F76A18Taxes - Tax Amounts by Sales Order Line - ARG - 03B - 76A2TODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
633F76A18PTaxes - Tax Amounts by Sales Order Line Purge - ARG - - 76A2TODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
634F76A393Calculated costs detail - 76A15C3DCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
635F76A395AAI Document Type - Work in Progress Adjustment - 76A2AADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
636F76AUI18Taxes - Tax amount by order line - Work File - ARG - - 76A4WFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
637F76AUI20Header & Footer Invoice/ShipmentNote Workfile - ARG - - 76A39HFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
638F76AUI21Detail Lines Invoice/ShipmentNote Workfile - ARG - 03 - 76A45DLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
639F76AUI88Work File Last Invoice Number by Month - ARG - 03B - 76A10LIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP76B: Brazil - Reporting System Only
640F7611BNota Fiscal Detail - BRA - 4220FDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
641F761BAAS Fiscal file book - 0919FBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
642F76421Sales Order Header Tag File - Brazil - 422SIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
643F76422Sales Order Detail Tag File - Brazil - 422SJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
644F76422UIWork File for temporary F76422 Records - Brazil - 422WFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
645F76431Purchase Order Header Tag File - Brazil - 432PIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
646F76432Purchase Order Detail Tag File - Brazil - 432PJDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
647F76B039Sales Return Ship To - Fiscal Notes Tag File - BRA - 76B3SRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
648F76B423Sales Order Withholding Concepts Tag File - BR - 76B3WCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
649F76B425Sales Return Ship To - Fiscal Note Numbers - BR3FNDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
650F76B705Purchase Order ISS Tax Information - BR - 043ISDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP76C: Colombia
651F76CT2Sales/Use/V.A.T. Tax File - COL - 76C9CTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
652F76CUI04Tax Detail for Distribution - Work File - COL - 76C5TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP76E: Ecuador
653F76E0018Print Withholding Workfile - EC - 044TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
654F76E4010Withholding Certificate Information - EC - 045CEDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
655F76E4020Withholding Certificate Information w/ SRI - EC - 042CRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP76H: Chile
656F76H211Sales Order / Legal Document Relationship - CHI - 42 - 76H2SLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
657F76H215NC/ND - Invoice Related - CHI - 42 - 76H2IRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
658F76H218Taxes by Sales Order Line - CHI - 42 - 76H2TDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
659F76H3B32Legal Document Detail (Print Info) - CHI - 03B - 76H7PIDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
660F76H6006Order Type / Type W.O. Allowed for Actual Cost - CHI - 76H1WODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
661F76H611Actual Item Ledger File - CHI - 41 - 76H30ALDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
662F76HUI34Order Related Work File - CHI - 42 - 76H4ORDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP80D: Plant Manager Dashboard
663F80D010Sales Order Fact2SFDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP89: Conversion Programs
664F3214Needed for upgrade from Xe and below2MTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
665F3294Needed for upgrade from Xe and below10KZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
666F32943Needed for upgrade from Xe and below11KODCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
667F3296Needed for upgrade from Xe and below3KRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
668F32961Needed for upgrade from Xe and below7KLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
669F329611Needed for upgrade from Xe and below2KBDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
670F3296TNeeded for upgrade from Xe and below2KADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
671F4074TEMPrice Adjustment Ledger File - Temp for Upgrade2ALDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
672F42005ASales Commission File - Temporary11SCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
673F42119ASales Order History File - temporary for upgrade (1)3SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
674F42119BSales Order History File - temporary for upgrade (2)3SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
675F4211ASales Order Detail File - temporary for upgrade (1)2SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
676F4211BSales Order Detail File - temporary for upgrade (2)3SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
677F42150AERP9.0 Update F42150 (Temp File)2SHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
678F42199AS.O. Detail Ledger File - temporary for upgrade2SLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
679F4311TATemp table for ERP 9.0 upgrade2PDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
680F43121TAERP 9.0 temp F43121T for upgrade3PRDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
681F43199ATemp F43199 for ERP 9.0 Upgrade3OLDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOP90CG: CRM Case Management
682F90CG503Case Association Table6CADCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOPF30L: DFM Line Design
683FF30L801Sales Order Master3SDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOPF31: Lean Transactions
684FF31010Production Master File13EHDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
685FF311114Related Purchase Orders for Lean Pay on Consumption Issues9PCDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOPF34S: DFM Production Sequencing
686FF34S002Daily Plan13DPDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
687FF34S01WDFM Plan Demand Work File7PDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
688F01131PPAT Message Control File30ZZDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOPH91: Design Tools
689F98TCDTLTable Conversion Detail2CDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
690F98TCHDRTable Conversion Header2HDDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20
TOPH95: Tech Resources/Applications
691F00166Media Object Categories21GTDCTOOrder TypeStringUDC20

User Defined Codes are, by design, customisable and thus will differ from system to system depending on the business requirements.

TOPUDC 00 / DT (Document Type - All Documents) stock values

ValueDescriptionSpecial Handling CodeHard Coded
1        $PSecurity WithholdingsY
2        $QGeneral SUSSY
3        % Percentage Journal EntryN
4        AJService Billing AdjustmentsY
5        ARAsset RevaluationY
6        ASAsset SplitN
7        ATAsset TransferN
8        BABilling AdjustmentsY
9        BFBalance Forward/SummarizeN
10        CACredit Note for AftercareN
11        CCCredit-Contract & Loyalty SuppN
12        CGLot Grade ChangeN
13        CPLot Potency ChangeN
14        CQCredit Note - Quarterly BonusN
15        CTCredit Note - Targeted BonusN
16        CWCredit Note for WarrantyN
17        DPDepreciation JournalN
18        DRJob Cost Draw SplitsY
19        EUService Billing RevenueY
20        EXCurrency Conversion OffsetsN
21        IQInventory Quantity OnlyY
22        IXRecalculate Average CostN
23        IZLot Hold/ReleaseN
24        JABudget or Cost AllocationN
25        JBJoint Interest BillingN
26        JCJob Cost % CompleteN
27        JDJIB Detail Owner EntriesN
28        JEJournal EntryN
29        JFJournals Brought ForwardN
30        JKA/P Redistribute PaymentsY
31        JMAR VAT RedistributionY
32        JPSubscription SalesN
33        JQSub. Sales Net LedgerN
34        JRSubscription Sales CommissionsN
35        JTAccrued Property TaxesN
36        JVA/P Redistribute PrepaymentsY
37        JXForeign Currency RevaluationN
38        JZCash Basis Journal EntryN
39        NPPartial NSFY
40        O Ordering Document TypesN
41        O4Purchase Order -TransportationN
42        OADo Not UseY
43        OBBlanket OrderN
44        OCConstruction Work OrderN
45        ODDirect Ship OrderN
46        OEDo Not Use--Exchange Rate Var.N
47        OIInteroperability Direct P.O.N
48        OKPurchase Intercompany OrderN
49        OMPurchase Order RMAN
50        OOOutside Operations
51        OPPurchase OrderN
52        OQPurchase Quote or BidN
53        OSSubcontractN
54        OURequisition Self ServiceY
55        OYEDI Purchase Order Quote
56        P1A/P DraftsN
57        P7Alternate Currency PaymentN
58        PACredit Note ReimbursementsN
59        PBBACS Electronic Funds TransferN
60        PEChange to Voucher AmountN
61        PGGain/Loss on Exchange RateN
62        PIPhysical InventoryN
63        PKAutomated CheckN
64        PLVoucher LoggingN
65        PMManual VoucherN
66        PNManual CheckN
67        POVoid CheckN
68        PRRecurring VoucherN
69        PTElectronic Funds TransferN
70        PWWithholding
71        PYPayment Order - EDI Only
72        R ReceivablesN
73        R1A/R DraftsN
74        R2Contract BillingN
75        R5DeductionY
76        R6RMA - Sales OrderY
77        R7Alternate Currency ReceiptN
78        RAAdjustmentN
79        RBChargebackN
80        RCCash ReceiptsN
81        REChange to Invoice AmountN
82        RFFinance ChargeN
83        RGGain/Loss on Exchange RateN
84        RKCash Receipts CheckN
85        ROReversing or Void EntryN
86        RQChargeback Amount CreatedN
87        RRRecurring InvoiceN
88        RSSpread AdjustmentsN
89        RUUnapplied CashN
90        RVNon-sufficient FundsN
91        RWBalance ForwardN
92        RYCash Receipts - EDI Only
93        SBBlanket Sales OrderN
94        SCActual Rate ScheduleN
95        SDDirect ShipN
96        SFFree GoodsN
97        SIInterbranch SalesN
98        SQSales QuoteN
99        SSDo Not Use--Summary RecordsN
100        SYEDI Sales Order QuoteN
101        SZEDI Sales OrderN
102        TMEnterprise Treasury ManagementY